How to use Driver’s shield mobile app ?

For the easy installation of DSMA, please follow the given instruction and enjoy.

Basic details of the added member would automatically be filled in members profile. besides that you can reset following parameters:-

Preset maximum speed

maximum speed for you & your loved ones is by default i60 km / hrs but you can enhence it & can set the desired maximum speed by touching edit button.

Set working hours

By touching edit button icon set the working hours for your loved ones /drivers. touch the watch icon to set the time from o'clock to. o'clock and let them feel free before & after driving hours

App ON/OFf facility

while resetting safety parameters for your loved ones ,you can ,as a controller , On or Off the sub member's app from your mobile,as& when it is required.

This enables you

If you ON app button,tracking & barring incoming calls buttons would automatically be ON. However you have facility to OFF tracking & barring incoming calls separately or collectively but touching respective OFF buttons.


Keep track of your vehicle

With DRIVER’S-SHIELD application you can track all your vehicles on the go. Now you don’t need to worry about your Loved-ones/Driver’s as you can track all of them in the palm of your hand. As DRIVER’S-SHIELD ensure the distraction free & SAFE driving experience for you and your family. Driver's shield mobile app is the only mobile application which provides you an opportunity to become a controller/ administrator of your children/driver's Smartphone.

Now you don’t need to worry about your loved ones while they are on the road. Just install DRIVER’S-SHIELD and let it take all the responsibilities and your worries.