DRIVER'S SHIELD mobile app is a very simple and innovative idea of protecting our loved-ones/drivers during driving. The Driver's Shield Mobile app empowers parents, vehicle's owner/owners and institutional (school, college, transporters etc.) administrator to set the parameters for safe driving.

The time you download Driver's shield mobile app, you have an option to choose your child, drivers phone number or others numbers saved in your contacts list and shall share the app with them.

Driver's shield mobile app is the only mobile application which provides you an opportunity to become a controller/ administrator of your loved-ones/driver's Smartphone.

The beauty of Driver's shield mobile app is that it does not allow your loved-ones/driver to change the parameter i.e. speed, incoming calls etc., set by you. You can watch and control them till their phones are on and are under coverage area of net.


You can set the following parameters for your loved-ones/drivers

Set Speed

The default maximum speed of driver's shield mobile app is 60 km per hour. But the Parents/vehicle's owner can preset the desired maximum speed for their loved-ones/drivers. Whenever your loved-ones/drivers crosses the maximum speed set by you, beep to the driver and a message will be sent to you regarding overspeeding. So you can instruct your loved-ones/driver to reduce the speed, if you wish so.


In the driver's shield mobile app minimum speed by default is 20 km per hour. Below this speed the app remains inactive. After crossing 20km per hour parameter all incoming calls except the call form parent or owner (so that you can call and instruct your loved-ones/drivers) will be automatically rejected with the message to the caller "I am driving, please call me later."


In the driver's shield mobile app you can watch the speed of your loved-ones/drivers continuously if you wish so.


Driver's shield mobile app provides you to see & locate your loved-ones/driver's location on Google map. You can see that whether driver is going on right route or not.


By default Driver's shield mobile app is set at the minimum speed of 20 km/hr, till than Driver's shield mobile app will remain inactive. Thus it allows your loved-ones/driver's smart phone to work normally below 20 km/hr.


Driver's shield mobile app does not interfere with the Smartphone which is paired with your car through Bluetooth and thus even while driving allows driver to communicate normally through Bluetooth paired devices.

Become Controller

Of all Your drivers and encourage them to drive safe watch them closely on one platform.

Over Speeding alert

As your loved-ones/drivers crosses max spped set by you, a beep to driver's and a notification to you.

Leave behind all your WORRIES Use DRIVER’S-SHIELD it’s easy and safe.

Every day we live our lives on the mercy of hot live wires. According to various reports 1.4 million people die every year while driving because of their over heating cell phones. that comes to 3835 people dieing per day due to over speed and mobile misusage while driving. In order to remain shockproof on the roads and have the calming driving experience for you & your LOVED-ONES download and use DRIVER’S-SHIELD application on your mobile today.