Driver's shield mobile app Service

We simply wish to serve society by doing a little for traffic awareness, safety and surveillance of our kids / drivers specifically and for the human beings in general through the Driver's shield mobile app.


You can set your driver's profile on the app which may include details of blood group, diabetes & blood pressure status, allergies to drugs etc.

Safe Driving

DRIVER'S-SHIELD app provides parents/admin a superior hand over the loved-ones/drivers to watch them, get overspeeds alerts and a Provide a driving comfort to their loved ones.


In the Driver's shield mobile app loved-ones/drivers can mention local police station number, ambulance number and emergency contact numbers. So in case of emergency driver by pushing SOS button, can send the emergency message with your exact current location(co-ordinates) with a call to any one of them, to whom you desire.

Become Controller

The beauty of driver shiled mobile app is that it gives you an opportunity to become controller of all your vehicles in realsense, i.e :-.

  • Max speed set by you, can't be changed.
  • Over speading alert sent to you automatically.
  • All incoming calls are rejected except of yours.
  • Can watch real location with accurate speed.

Very Useful for transportation services & for school's buses administration

Administrative authorities & transport companies , schools and other institutes which owns many vehicles can set the different maximum speed for different vehicle's driver. The transporter, school administrator and institutional heads can check and watch speed, track location and evaluate the performance of their drivers on one single screen of mobile or computer/desktop at a time. You can make a proper data of your vehicle's driver. On this basis you can promote or punish your drivers.