Control Speed

By pre-setting maximum desired speed for your loved-ones & drivers.

Over Speeding alert

As your loved-ones/drivers cross max speed set by you, a beep to the driver and a notification to you would be automatically sent.


Automatically reject calls with message while driving except the calls from vehicle's owner or parents(controller).


See & check the speed and location of all your's vehicles on one screen/desktop & instruct them, if necessary

Track all your Vehicles in real time & location

  • Watch all you vehicles actual speed & loaction on the go.
  • Instruct your driver if necessary.
  • Set maximum Speed for your loved ones
  • Get overspeed alert
  • Watch Up to, as many as vehicles, you have.

Amazing Features

Driver's shield mobile app is the only mobile application which
provides you an opportunity to become a controller/ administrator of your loved-ones's/driver's Smartphone.


By default Driver's shield mobile app is set at the minimum speed of 20 km/hr, till than Driver's shield mobile app will remain inactive. Thus it allows your loved-ones's/driver's smart phone to work normally below 20 km/hr.

Set Time

Set time for your loved-ones & drivers and let them free & feel relax before & after duty hours(driving hours)

Live Tracking

Get updates about speed & locations in real time And leave behind all your worries

Drop a pin

In emergency drop a pin of your current location to your emergency numbers to help you out.

Drive's Shield

Maintains Peace of Mind for the Entire Family while Your Loved-Ones are driving

  • Make your vehicle even smarter
  • 24/7 Driver Care Support
  • Supported all android Smartphone
  • live Notifications
  • SOS in emergency


Cheerful Parents

Leaving all the worries behind, you had regarding the safty of your children during driving hour, Just Download Drive's shield Mobile App and watch real location & speed of your Loved ones on smartphone or desktop, get overspeeding alerts and instruct your childern if required and remain cheerfull forever

Get the Drive's Shield App

DRIVER'S-SHIELD mobile app is a very simple and innovative idea of protecting our loved-ones/drivers during driving. The Driver's Shield Mobile app empowers parents, vehicle's owner/owners and institutional (school, college, transporters etc.) administrator to set parameters for their driver to safe driving.